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Good Price 1.2M X 18M Rubber Airbag For Heavy Moving
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Product: Views:283Good Price 1.2M X 18M Rubber Airbag For Heavy Moving 
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Luhang Marine Airbag--Ship Launching Airbag with ISO 17357
A piece of ship launching airbag manufactured by Luhang Aibrag comply with ISO14409 "Ships and marine technology – ship launching air bags".
Luhang Aibrag leads manufacturer Ship Launching Air bags in the all world.
Ship launching airbag can be used to launch and upgrade a ship up to 100,000DWT. The "flexible launching techonology" makes this new ship launching method widely used all over the world.
Invented in China, the airbag technology has become widely used for ship launching, heavy lifting and moving, and buoyancy with superior advantages, such as significantly reducing cost (well over 30%) as well as being safe, easily adaptable to various harsh working environments, and environmentally friendly.
Major Strengths of Luhang Airbag---Ship Launching Airbag
1.High safety level: equipped with a reliable safety valve, our airbags can stand the maximum pressure up to 4 times that of the operating pressure.
2.Good air tightness:  pressure decreases less than 10% for a period of 24 hours.
3.Long lifespan: it is guaranteed that our airbags can sustain their designed operating pressure for 3 years.
4.A complete set of solutions is available.
The Selection of Ship Launching Airbag
Diameter: General speaking, the diameter of airbags for ship used is Dia1.5m. If the piers' height is a little higher, we could choose the larger diameter airbags, such like Dia1.8m or Dia2.0m; and for the Dia1.0m or Dia1.2m airbags are suitable for some smaller sized ships.
Length of Effective (Le): The Le of airbags is the length of airbag's cylinder part, and does not include the length of head vertebral body.
(1) Ship width≤20m: In theoretical, Le of airbags= Ship width (B); and if the length of airbags could not feet the ship width, airbags could be put under ships for two rows.
(2) Ship width>20m: Generally speaking, airbags will be put under ship as two rows, as butt arrangement or cross arrangement.
Operating Pressure of Airbags: Less than DWT 1,000 could choose S1 Category Airbags; Larger than DWT 1,000 could choose S2 Category Airbags; S3 Category Airbags are used for the special higher working pressure requirement situation. 
NO.s of Airbags (N): The numbers of airbags required is decided by the length of ships/vessels, and N is equal to the NO.s of putting under ship body (N1) plus the spare ones (N2), which is formula: N1+N2=N (N1 stands for the pieces under ships, N2 stands for the pieces of spares). The main factors to decide numbers of airbags required is ship DWT and category of airbags. (NOTE: N1=DWT / (Bearing Capacity of Unit for airbags×Le), spare airbags are decided by the fact situation.)
Performance Calculation Principle of Airbags
The bearing capacity of marine airbags was calculated based on the working pressure, contact area. Herein, working pressure was got upon the burst pressure and safety working factor.
Because of the flexibility of marine airbag the contact area will be affected by some terms which include the carried ship condition, the different position from gravity center during the process of ship launching and pulling. So the bearing capacity of airbags will vary as well as the contact area.
The approximate bearing capacity can be calculated as follows:
S=π x (D1-D2)/2
F: Bearing capacity
P: Inner pressure
S: Contact area
D1: Diameter of airbags when free of loat
D2: Working height of airbags when loaded

Performance of Luhang Marine Airbags

If the good price 1.2m x 18m rubber airbag for heavy moving caters to your requirement, welcome to buy or wholesale with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you the most competitive price and the best service.