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Should the top pollen 100% natural wild mountain flower bee pollen, no antibiotics,no pesticides,no pathogenic bacteria,nourish internal organs, ?prolong life, health food caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the cheap products in stock from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are equipped with a professional factory at your service. Please be free to enjoy our low price and good service.

Basic Info

  • Style: Pure

  • Processing Type: Pure

  • Health Food,Bee Pollen: Contains More Than 200 Kinds of Biological Nutrien

  • Pollen: Concentrated100% Natural Drug Treasury Treasury

  • Wild Bee Pollen: Nourish The Internal Organs, Prolong Life

  • Trademark: IYOUTH

  • Specification: SGS

  • Type: Pure Bee Pollen

  • Form: Granule

  • Top Bee Pollen: Gift of Nature, Very Rare and Precious

  • Pure Natura Bee Pollen: Concentrated 100%Natural Nutrition Treasury

  • Health Food: No Any Add, No Heavy Metals, Pathogenic Bacteria

  • Luxury Bee Pollen: Natural Hormones, Pure Natural Breast Enlargement

  • Transport Package: Bottle Glass/Box

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Product name:Top 100% Natural Wild mountain flower bee pollen, No any to add, 100% natural,No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Gift of nature, Very rare and precious,GContains more than 200 kinds of bioactive nutrients,Concentrated 100%natural nutrition treasury and concentrated 100%natural drug treasury, Nourish the internal organs, Natural hormones, Pure natural breast enlargement luxury,Anti-aging, anti-cancer, Anti-radiation, Promote sleep, Enhance immunity, Resistance to virus,Antiviral effect and so on, Long-term use of prolong life.Health Food

Product types:Granular (Precious rare wild bee pollen)
Specification:200 g, 400 g, 600 g, 800 g, 500 g, 1000 g/bottle.100 bottles/box;20kg,25kg/box;
Packing material:Glass bottle/ lead-free Top EU quality

Warm prompt:*From all kinds of wild flowers, Color is very lovely, Rare green particles,Pure bees gather, Gathering all kinds of wild flowers - the essence of the pollen, has a unique nutritional value and medicinal.
*Different areas of different plants and flowers, so color of the wild bee pollen also because of different regions, different colors.

*100% natural wild mountain flower bee pollen, source of China's one thousand pure land, not subject to any industry and pesticide pollution.Unique ecosystems, ice and snow in the distance, chill, near the snowcapped, all kinds of wild flowers in bloom.For top bees provide the high quality pure nectariferous plants rich in resources.Here is China and central Asia region produces high-quality honey, senior nutrition of royal jelly pollen and various kinds of bee products, beauty market of green plants.With a total area of 35 square kilometers, this is China's northwest border of the great pearl a bright is dazzing.This vast, rich products, sufficient water, fertile land, belong to the Eurasian geographical environment in the arid climate "wet island", the famous Kunse prairie, zhao su grasslands, tang blah out of them.And wild plants assemble of bees in heaven, an academic reputation as the "central Asian plant gene pool" magical place:Here, thyme, oregano, tu Jue motherwort, xiyu dangshen, fritillaria, wild, mint, liquorice, a yellow and so on more than 150 kinds of precious wild honey plants produced top green attributes of bee pollen excellence and diversity of natural ingredients.

* 100%Natural Organic wild mountain flower bee pollen Nutrition composition and efficacy:
Wild mountain flower - bee pollen is the bees gather nectar from the angiosperms, after joined the honey bees and enzymes of blob, contains rich vitamins, trace element Se, Fe, Mo, Mn and constant elements such as Mg, Ca, etc.Bee pollen contains extremely rich amino acids, generally over one percent, of which the essential amino acids content of about 5 to 7 times of beef, eggs.Bee pollen of sugars accounted for about a third of the dry matter, vitamin content is more than 100 times the honey, is a kind of natural vitamin more concentrated essence.

In particular, linoleic acid in bee pollen accounts for more than sixty percent of unsaturated fatty acid.As a medicine for treating prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, reduce blood fat and cholesterol, and has the effect of anti-aging, known as "concentrated nutrition library" cosmetics "internal use" pollen cosmetic effect is obvious, its mechanism is to fully regulate the metabolism of skin, make skin moist, white, luster and elastic, adjust the internal secretion, beauty, anti-aging, breast enhancement, also known as:"pure natural estrogen.

*Organic wild mountain flower bee pollen- Efficacy:
Enhance the capillaries, fall hematic fat, to varicose ulcer.With anticancer treatment of diabetes, anemia, constipation, prevent cancer, enhance immunity, often taking, longer live etc, especially for the male prostate have very good protection and treatment effect.

*Wild bee pollen from Plants to highlight sexual function:The unique wild plants, the unique ecological environment, all kinds of wild flowers in bloom, the most high quality pure nectariferous plants rich in resources, so the top honey, bee pollen, top top royal jelly, all no antibiotics, no pesticides, no pathogenic bacteria.No pollution, pure taste glycol and top level quality up to international standards, favored by domestic and foreign experts and consumers.Products sell well in Europe and the United States, North America, South America, Russia, southeast Asia, Japan, etc.

100% natural bee pollen and human health Food - Bee pollen preparation :
1. Bee pollen and bee pollen oral liquid, chocolate, fructose.
2. Bee pollen, bee pollen, bread wine.
3. Bee pollen beverage.
4. Bee pollen moon cakes, biscuits, egg tart etc.
* the effect of natural bee pollen and role: A: inhibiting tumor;The second aging;Three enhance immune force;Four cardiovascular protection;Five weight loss;Six treatment of prostate disease;Seven treatment of habitual constipation;Eight fatigue, enhance physical immune force;Nine body care;Ten raise liver protect liver, promote digestion, prevent anemia, resist radiation, adjust nerve system, improve sleep, enhance sexual function, adjuvant treatment of diabetes.  

*100%Natural bee pollen is the male germ cells in flowering plants stamens, it carries the genetic information of life not only, and contains all the nutrients necessary to nurture new life, is the root of the plant to breed, the source of heat.Bee pollen is a nutritional value and medicinal value of the material of concentrate, it contains protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other active substances. Bee pollen is not only excellent natural nutrition food, is also a kind of ideal tonic, and has certain health care function* as the pollen of the plant essence, as early as 2000 years ago, is understanding and the use of our ancestors.Qu yuan in "li SAO" sing "the drink magnolia drop dew, evening meal qiu ju of the tree lost its" the famous poem.China's earliest pharmacology monograph "cold-induced febride pine pollen and cattail pollen of huang di" Records, said that the two kinds of pollen GanPing smell, non-toxic, can attending heart abdominal distension heat pathogens, urine, blood stasis elimination, long served the intellectual man fit, yiqi, live.Tang dynasty empress wu "flower cake" made of edible pollen, qing dynasty empress dowager with pollen mixed with rice wine after bath to enjoy.Greek philosophers think youth forever is the mystery of the pollen, the early Olympic athletes is to add energy with pollen, the pollen of the English word of pollen original intention is "energetic and powerful" mean. [1]Bee pollen scientists, nutritionists and medical research the pollen to the human health effects, pharmacological effects and efficacy.The results showed that the pollen to prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, brain fall hematic fat, adjust nerve system, promote sleep, adjust gastrointestinal function, improves digestion, treatment of habitual constipation;In endocrine regulation, enhance the body's immune function, anti-aging, improve sexual function, and treatment of male infertility has a certain effect.There are obvious cancer suppressor and protect liver to protect liver and prevent anemia, diabetes, fatigue resistance, etc.In addition, bee pollen cosmetic effect is obvious, its mechanism is the comprehensive functions of adjusting human body's endocrine system balance, and table by, fundamentally improve the vitality of skin cells, enhance skin metabolism function, prevent facial pigmentation, rough skin, aging, keep skin moist, white, luster, full of elasticity.

The health benefits of bee pollen :
1. Strengthen the comprehensive human immune function:
(1) the pollen polysaccharide can activate the macrophage phagocytosis activities, improve human body disease-resistant ability,
(2) The anti-aging, beauty role: bee pollen is a nutritional beauty cosmetics, pollen of VE, super oxide dismutase (SOD), the composition such as selenium, can moisten the skin nutrition, restore the elasticity of the skin and bright and clean.Pollen of inositol can make the white hair black, hair loss gradually, maintain beautiful black hair.
(3) Prevention and treatment of cerebral cardiovascular disease: the flavonoids in pollen can effectively remove fat deposition on the walls of blood vessels, which ACTS as softening blood vessels and blood lipid.
(4) The weight loss: taking bee pollen can absorb enough nutrition, cause the feeling of satiety.At the same time, the pollen of lecithin can burn excess fat, achieve the goal of weight loss.
(5) adjust intestines and stomach function: there are a lot of pollen sterilization ingredients, can kill e. coli, etc, and can prevent constipation.
(6) protect liver to protect liver, the flavonoids in pollen also can prevent the fat deposition in liver.(7) adjust nerve system, promote sleep.
(8) auxiliary treatment of other diseases: pollen for anemia, diabetes, improve memory, menopause obstacles, etc. Have a good effect.

2. The role of habitual constipation: Habitual constipation is a common disease, brings to the patients and the burden in his heart, to the elderly, constipation pain is a kind of potential risk factors, especially heart, cerebrovascular disease, often by constipation, defecation and accidents.Therefore, treating constipation, defecation smoothly, to the health of people, it is important to prevent accidents.Bee pollen is significant effect of treating constipation, efficient was 95%, and the curative effect of defecation interval shorter, defecation time significantly shortened, feces to soften, then increase.Treatment is almost not affected by age, gender, and secret history and history of treatment effect, not appear when treating diarrhea side effects.

3. Against the failure of workblanks role: Often eat bee pollen can live long, this is the fact of history.Because bee pollen contains the nucleic acid, after eating it can make the cell regeneration, can delay the aging and prolong life.The accumulation of fat brown pigment in the brain cells of the human body, affect the normal function of brain cells.Fat content increased in brown, can lead to atrophy and cell death.Each body system of edible pollen, improve, dispel brown pigment function strengthen, slow down the aging process, obviously improve the brain memory, blood testosterone, estradiol levels increase, improve the elderly's physique nature, age spots gradually reduce and disappear.Another bee pollen contains selenium can reduce the formation of peroxides, anti-aging effect thereby.This is also taking bee pollen is one of the important reasons of longevity. The anti-cancer effects:

4.Bee pollen has obvious cancer suppressor role.The total sugar in pollen is 25 ~ 40%, sugar variety is complete.Containing monosaccharide, oligosaccharide and polysaccharide, etc.One of the most development prospects of pollen polysaccharide, it has a strong immune ability, has the obvious anti-cancer effect.Small pollen contains the genetic information of life not only, but also contains all the nutrients that gave birth to a new life.Therefore, many experts believe that in the world: the pollen is one of the world so far have found only complete nutrition health food!

5. 100%Natural bee pollen Health care function :
(1) Strengthen the comprehensive human immune function: pollen polysaccharide can activate the macrophage phagocytosis activities, improve human disease resistance.
(2) The anti-aging, beauty: bee pollen is a nutritional beauty cosmetics, pollen of VE, super oxide dismutase (SOD), the composition such as selenium, can moisten the skin nutrition, restore the elasticity of the skin and bright and clean.Pollen of inositol can make the white hair black, hair loss gradually, maintain beautiful black hair.
(3) Prevention and treatment of cerebral cardiovascular disease: the flavonoids in pollen can effectively remove fat deposition on the walls of blood vessels, which ACTS as softening blood vessels and blood lipid.
(4) Prevention and treatment of prostate disease: pollen is the bane of prostatitis, to rape pollen, buckwheat pollen effect is best.An effective drug to treat prostate disease in China - the front is pollen as raw materials.
(5) Weight loss: taking bee pollen can absorb enough nutrition, cause the feeling of satiety.At the same time, the pollen of lecithin can burn excess fat, achieve the goal of weight loss.
(6) To adjust intestines and stomach function: there are a lot of pollen sterilization ingredients, can kill e. coli, etc, and can prevent constipation.
(7) Protect liver to protect liver, the flavonoids in pollen also can prevent the fat deposition in liver.
(8) Adjust nerve system, promote sleep.
(9) Auxiliary treatment of other diseases: pollen for anemia, diabetes, improve memory, menopause obstacles, etc. Have a good effect.

6. * Hematopoietic function * bee pollen has special effects to the treatment of anemia, there are a lot of abroad in the early 1960 s this aspect, mainly be used for treatment of iron deficiency (iron), lack of vitamin (vitamin food) anemia barrier anemia, adults with a daily dose of bee pollen, bee pollen) 15 ~ 20 grams, child (children) in patients with a daily dose of 10 grams, two months after the check, red blood cells can be increased by 25% ~ 30%, hemoglobin increased by more than 15%.Enhance appetite, sleep (sleep) in patients with improvement, defecate unobstructed, light body, weight gain, headaches, fatigue phenomenon disappears, complexion is ruddy.Insist on taking two period of treatment, can make the hemoglobin returned to normal, anemia symptoms disappear entirely.

* Study proves that the bee pollen to hit the bone marrow as soon as possible to restore function, can accelerate the restoration of hematopoietic tissue and blood cells of newborn, to guarantee normal operation play an active role in hematopoietic function.Wang Weiyi by radiation to the same degree of damage of hematopoietic system in mice, after take part to bee pollen, the other part on conventional feed as a control.And weighing 10 days to observe, found that taking bee pollen development is normal, most healthy (healthy food) and the spirit is good, the average weight gain of 1.4 ~ 1.4 g.While the control part of the death, the remaining part also depression, poor appetite, weight drops an average of 1.1 ~ 3 grams, shows that bee pollen peculiar effects of hematopoietic function.

7. 100%Natural Bee Pollen On the role of urinary system * Bee pollen is the bane of prostate disease, for chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate dysfunction disease have a significant therapeutic effect.Use of bee pollen, bee pollen food at home and abroad the forefront of the development and production of ", prostate d him, silver pieces and drugs, is an ideal drug for the treatment of prostatic diseases.  * bee pollen for men (food) male impotence, lack of sexual dysfunction and sperm, infertility, etc all have better curative effect, the woman menstruation to be not moved, dysmenorrhea, menopause, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, menopause, menopausal food) comprehensive harness and infertility, etc. Also have obvious auxiliary curative effect.  

8. * The outer, diabetic patients with long-term use of bee pollen curative effect is remarkable.It is reported that use of bee pollen for the islet dependent diabetes patients, 30 cases with 29 cases curative effect is distinct, 1 had no effect.To insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (diabetes), insulin and bee pollen and use, also have synergy hypoglycemic effect.
Natural bee pollen enhance immunity.Modern medicine thinks, there are two causes of human diseases, a is needed by the human body physiological nutrition lack or imbalance, second, bacteria and other microorganisms on human infection.Natural bee pollen, bee pollen food, pollen products) comprehensive nutrition, can overcome all sorts of physiological disorders in the metabolism of human body, so as to enhance immunity (product of immunity and immune information), that is the secret of bee pollen can cure various diseases.Currently on the market the "top" ", "jing jing, raise the king" and so on food, medicine and cosmetics are made of bee pollen as raw materials.

Bee pollen role in health care (health food) are:
1. Strengthen the comprehensive human immune function: pollen polysaccharide can activate the macrophage phagocytosis activities, improve human disease resistance.2. Anti-aging, beauty (food) beauty: bee pollen is a nutritional beauty cosmetics, pollen of VE, super oxide dismutase (COD), and other ingredients to moisturize the skin nutrition, restore skin (skin products, information) elasticity and luster. Bee Pollen of inositol can make the white hair black, hair loss gradually, maintain beautiful black hair.
*Bee Pollen Medicinal value:
1. The auxin, bee pollen contains abundant auxin and auxin.
Auxin is composed of 191 amino acid residues of a polypeptide chain, auxin effect on promoting growth is mainly influence on bone, cartilage and connective tissue, the intake of amino acid metabolism is to increase muscle, promote the synthesis of protein, RNA and DNA, and can promote fat, increase blood free fatty acid content.
Auxin content is higher for swallowing pudding powder, pollen content of 8.35 micrograms per gram.In addition, sesbania, Chinese mosla herb, the content of astragalus pollen.Bee pollen contains six kinds of important plant growth regulating hormones, mainly is the auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, rape lactone, ethylene and growth inhibitors.These substances of plant growth and development plays a very important role, directly affects the plants sprout, grow, blossom and bear fruit.
Pollen is used to promote the healthy growth of children, therefore has a positive effect and significant effects.
2. The flavonoids
Bee pollen is rich in flavonoids, different varieties of bee pollen the flavonoids content difference is bigger, the higher content of 9%, with only 0.12%.The flavonoids content in higher pollen have shooted chestnuts, camellia, beans, milk vetch, mustard, walnut, etc.
The presence of flavonoids, further enhance the application value of bee pollen, resistance to hardening of the arteries, lower cholesterol, pain and resistance to radiation, and so on.

*Health care products, bee pollen products
1, Bee pollen, honey, bee pollen and honey honey (food), honey honey products information after mixing, the glue is slow fine uniform, made into paste, pollen, honey, to keep the natural ingredients, pollen and honey to bottled from entering the market, favored by consumers.

2, Bee pollen treasure: bee pollen, honey, royal jelly, royal jelly food (royal jelly royal jelly products, information) and propolis propolis (food) (information) propolis products, propolis liquid four kinds of products, or made into paste bee treasure, the more comprehensive nutrients, health care function more strange, wider application range.

3, Bee pollen capsule: after fermentation wall-breaking treatment of bee pollen, load in the edible capsule, can grasp the dosage, and easy to carry out and taking, the bee pollen preparation is a kind of ideal.

4, Bee pollen crystal: bee pollen in ultrafine winnowing crushed into fine last added to milk powder, honey, such as filling material, made of crystal, repackaging into a small bag or bottle inside, available with warm boiled water a blunt, convenience, easy to store.

5, Bee pollen granule: the bee pollen after super fine crushing degree instant milk powder, white sugar, mix after super fine crushing again, through 120 mesh sieve, repackaging into packets, each time a blunt one packet (about 20 grams, including pure pollen 10 grams).

6, Bee pollen tablet: choose by fermentation or pollen powder made of super fine crushing, match with seeds (made into fine powder) and white sugar, harmonic into a suitable amount of honey as a binder, compressed into sheets, drying after eating.This product is particularly suitable for patients with prostatitis, health care and medical effect is remarkable.

7, Bee pollen strengthen : bee pollen contains many vitamin (vitamin food) (vitamins product information), but in the process of drying and storage or slightly less, can cause vitamin inactivation, at the same time taking pure pollen flavors made it difficult for some people to accept.Therefore, in the bee flower into the right amount of vitamin C, vitamin C, vitamin C information) and some sugar and other enhancer or herbal extracts, made to strengthen the bee pollen, can make the pollen taste better, stronger role.

8, Bee pollen cake: bee pollen of ground into powder, into the pollen surface steamed glutinous rice cake, eat quantitative stage, can receive health care, hairdressing, beauty food) of double effect.

9, Bee pollen oral liquid: by temperature difference method such as bee pollen broken wall and repeated three times of extraction, add honey or other nutrients, and made into pollen oral liquid, load the ampoule or other packaging, according to the dosage regularly use, the effect is much better.

10. Bee pollen cream: after water extraction, alcohol extraction process to pick up the pollen nutrition ingredient, then through the recycling process, such as ethanol and concentrated extract cream, and can be directly listed after repackaging, 2 can be used as a raw material or enhancer used to make into other products.

11, Bee pollen coke: extraction of pollen nutrition made into pollen solution, then add honey, citric acid and other refined into nutritional drinks containing carbon dioxide gas, welcome by consumer.

12, Bee pollen sparkling wine: with methods of ethanol and the temperature difference, repeatedly extracting bee pollen nutrient, nutrient solution containing alcohol, and filling the carbon dioxide gas, sparkling wine made from pollen.

13, Bee pollen tonic wine: pure grain liquor extraction of nutrients in pollen, the pollen of nutrients released into the liquor evenly, high nutrition tonic wine is the taste of pollen supply market, make the hobby drinkers both enjoy the taste of wine, and enjoy the pollen nutrition.

14, Bee pollen candy: After pollen porphyrization, reinforced by certain proportion to the sugar material, made from both crisp and sweet candy, often suck it can play a fitness (health food) (fitness products, fitness information) the effect of beauty.

15, Bee pollen chocolate: Add pollen to the chocolate raw material, made of bee pollen flavor of chocolate products, taste unique role well, greatly strengthened the role of the chocolate and purposes.
Pollen is shattered after .
6, Bee pollen cookies: Transfer into biscuits in raw materials, made of biscuits, greatly improve the level of the biscuit, unique flavor, nutrition is comprehensive, is the best cookies.
Pollen is shattered after .
17, Bee ollen noodles: Stir in flour, noodles, nutrition is rich, strange.

18, Bee pollen sorbet, ice cream: In cold drink raw material and adding suitable amount of bee pollen powder, made into high-grade sorbet or ice cream and other cold drinks, quantitative daily edible, can greatly improve the quality and grade of the cold drinks.
*Effect of various kinds of bee pollen
Lotus powder: have the laudatory title of the king of pollen, yangxin nerves, ziyin protect spleen, qingrejiedu, keeping in good health run yan, endocrine function, can be used to treat diarrhea, gastroenteritis, urination, edema, hepatitis, to prevent hardening of the arteries, and enhance the myocardial contraction, speed up the heart rate, improve myocardial function with special effects.Long-term use, effect reducing weight is obvious.
The pollen: bitter taste, prevent diabetes, can stimulate insulin secretion, adjust endocrine.
Corn pollen: Leon, diuresis, fall blood pressure, blood and kidney function to the human body the centralizer up considerable curative effect.Can prevent treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, cure man presented.
Tea pollen: amino acid content is among the top of the common pollen, trace elements and blood acid content is higher than other pollen.Can prevent arteriosclerosis and cancer, beauty also preferred pollen.In addition, it can be refreshing, enhance the excitability of nerve.For high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic constipation and neurasthenia have obvious curative effect.
Invigorate the circulation of motherwort pollen: can regulate the menstrual function and treat woman menstruation to be not moved, gynecological diseases, etc., and can clear heat, activating blood and eliminating stasis.
Watermelon powder: including VC and B1 is higher, can adjust the nerve function, the visceral and cardiovascular and exercise very good glands, protect the skin, dispel spot, raise colour beauty.
Rape pollen: it contains flavonols high, there is resistance to atherosclerosis, treatment of varicose ulcer, prostatitis, lower cholesterol, and radiation effect.
Sesame pollen: the bleeding line flow field, swelling pain relief in qing dynasty, has a strong heart, nervous system balance agent and analgesics.Good god, for brain fitness, increase appetite, improve thinking ability, improve the brain fatigue.
Wild rose pollen: have a diuretic effect, treatment for kidney stones, have hairdressing effect.
Dandelion pollen: phlegm, kidney and the effect of cold, and can collaterals, refreshing.Blood regeneration has certain auxiliary function to the human body.
Pollen: jujube contains high gonadotropic hormone and vitamin, can resume normal reproductive function, prevent muscle atrophy, increase fertility.
Buckwheat pollen: rutin content is good, it on the capillary wall has a strong protection, prevention and treatment of bleeding and bleeding.Also can enhance the contraction of the heart, make the slowing down of the heartbeat, palpitation, heart weakness, anemia, and capillary fragility, etc.
Chrysanthemum pollen: clear heat send fire, liver, promote skin metabolism, delay aging, improve skin physiology and dysfunction.
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